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Haunted doll

An Introduction to Collecting Haunted and Paranormal Objects

Haunted dollDo you believe in magic spells and voodoo charms? Want to see a ghost? Find out more about the spooky hobby of collecting haunted and charmed objects.

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It is only normal to be intrigued by the unknown. Some people, however, take their fascination to the next level by indulging in the favorite pastime of searching and gathering curio objects that can prove the existence of the supernatural.

Collecting metaphysical and paranormal objects can be exciting and somewhat addictive. It challenges the boundaries of one’s beliefs and rationality, makes for interesting conversation topics and who knows? You might be in for some floating orbs and shadows around the house.

A word of warning, though; collecting haunted objects is not for the faint-hearted. There is no way of knowing what you might invite home!

What is Metaphysical and Paranormal Collecting?

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Basically, collectors who are into this unusual hobby seek out objects that are believed to contain energies or entities of another realm. Metaphysical and paranormal collections include:

– Objects haunted by spirits of deceased persons, preferably with reported spirit activities and energies

– Keeping spirits of other realms for the purpose of occult practices, whether with good or bad intentions

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– Objects said to be imbued with spells or cursed

– Items alleged to be evidence of paranormal activity (e.g. spirit photos)

Collectors may keep items that belong to one category or have a mixture of everything. ‘Haunted’ or ‘charmed’ objects can be anything from jewelry, dolls, pottery, paintings to furniture and even vintage appliances.

Why Collect Haunted Objects?

Metaphysical and paranormal collectors are a diverse group. They come from various walks of life and beliefs, and their reasons for collecting are just as varied.

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The curious and skeptical seek out the haunted objects for amusement and perhaps to see if their skepticism can be proven otherwise.

On the other hand, occult enthusiasts and aspiring paranormal investigators couldn’t be more thrilled to get their hands on something that presents an opportunity to study supernatural phenomena.

For New Age spiritualists, Neo-Pagans and practicing psychics, welcoming spirits and other energies into the living space complements their life and spiritual practices.

There is no need to become an initiated witch or psychic, nor do you have to purchase any hi-tech ghost detecting equipment. As long as one approaches the supernatural with an open mind along with genuine interest, they are ready to enter the exciting world where few dare to thread.

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How to Start a Haunted Collection and Where to Buy

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Searching for authentic haunted items take time, patience and some dedication. Most objects found to be haunted are old personal items with the owners long deceased. They’re usually sold at estate sales, antique stores, flea markets and haunted destinations.

If you have no idea where to start, you can easily get hold of a haunted item by searching eBay’s ‘Metaphysical’ section or find a reputable online dealer’s web site. However, it’s inadvisable to start shopping around without sufficient knowledge of the items you want to collect. Beginners should take time to read extensively about their area of interest first.

It also helps to participate in your local metaphysical and paranormal community. There is a chance you might meet someone who could share their collecting knowledge and experience.

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For those with an interest in the occult and magic, there is a chance of obtaining authentic charmed items directly from a skillful practitioner when traveling to destinations where an esoteric tradition is still practiced.

It’s easy to locate Wicca and Voodoo shops at certain metropolitan areas in North America. However, in other parts of the world, magic practitioners may prefer secrecy and reside in rural areas or among indigenous tribes. They might be unwilling to disclose their craft to outsiders.

Wherever you decide to look, never advertise that you are looking for haunted items to buy; whether in the classifieds or to the people running the sales venues. You may encounter scammers trying to sell you something inauthentic or it may create uneasiness among people who do not share your belief (or disbelief) in the supernatural.

Haunted hotels

How to tell if a Paranormal Item is real?

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Authenticating haunted items is perhaps the most challenging part of collecting. Unfortunately, there is no definite way to ensure you are not scammed along the way. In such case, one would have to rely on their instincts and knowledge because there is no definite solution to this issue.

Since magical workings and spirit activities are very elusive, it’s likely that no one’s experiences with the paranormal are alike. For instance, one person might report gambling winnings when they own a voodoo money charm, while another person receive a salary increase and job promotion.

In another example, a haunted antique doll owner may hear ghostly voices while the next owner may see apparitions.

There are even serious collectors who believe that the energies or entities of the items seek out their owners instead of the other way around. They profess to have felt an unexplainable connection to certain objects upon seeing or touching it, as if it is ‘calling out’ to them.

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And then there are those from the school of thought that believe some people have heightened extrasensory perception (ESP) or psychic abilities that enable them to detect energy imprints from inanimate objects.

Beware of What You Buy

Whether or not one thinks hexes and curses are real is a matter of personal belief. Still, it is strongly advised that you avoid purchasing anything said to be satanic, evil or can be harmful.

The only thing worse than bringing home negative energy is paying a ridiculously high price for something that is not genuine.

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So, trust your instincts when considering a purchase, but use common sense before handing out the payment.

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