An incredible number of UFOs were recorded in the sky over Poland

A local resident purchased a night vision lens for his camera and decided to test it on the morning of January 28, 2021, near the town of Kielce in Poland.

What he saw and was able to shoot on video is amazing, to put it mildly. A huge number of UFOs are moving in the sky, moving along different trajectories and at different speeds. The shape of the objects changes, there are bigger and smaller objects.

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If you slow down the video and zoom in on the largest UFO, you can see that it is surrounded by some kind of energy field around the object.

One gets the impression that these are not aircraft artificially created by someone, but a certain form of unknown matter, similar to plasma, but this matter is alive. And these extraterrestrial beings in the hundreds fly in the earth’s atmosphere.

These objects are not visible to an observer from the ground without special equipment, but they become noticeable when using infrared filters for night photography.

Equipment used for shooting: Sony a7s, 85mm night vision lens, f 1.6.

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