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Road ghost

An Encounter With A Ghost Of The Road

Road reader Nathan F. shares ghost story.

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This didn’t happen to me, but it was told to me by my mother and her friends.

I have always known that on my mother’s side of the family, my mother especially, were very sensitive to spirits and such. I myself have played Around with ouija boards, candle magic, and spell casting. However, I have never experienced anything like what my mother did when she was a senior in High school.

I should start off by saying that my family and of course myself are from The island of Maui in Hawaii. As we all know Hawaii is a very spiritual Place and has many restless spirits past and present.

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Well on the island of Maui there is a section we call “Up-country” Maui.

Basically, it’s the region that climbs up the dormant volcano that forms a large portion of the island.

Being in high school, and of the partying crowd, a bunch of my mothers’ friends and of course my mother decided to go camping, overnight in the Upcountry area.

Well, there was, of course, the usual consumption of alcohol, and usual Drinking games that high school kids play. But, however, the occurrence happened after they awoke in the morning after the partying.

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It was about 5:30 am when everyone woke up to start back down to central Maui, because my mother’s boyfriend had to go to work at his dad’s store.

As they rounded a sharp bend in the road, my mother noticed a “young man”.

Sitting on the short wall on the side of the road, with “his” knees up to his chest and his head down. When the car had passed the area, my mother turned around to look back, and saw no one there.

She immediately screamed that they should turn around and go back because she thought he had fallen Back into the gorge, behind the wall and maybe hurt. Well two seconds Later, my mother’s boyfriend floored it and didn’t stop until they were Pulling up in my grandparents’ driveway. Sweat beading from his forehead.

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He had informed her that she didn’t see anyone there. And to forget about It. However, the friends in the back seat were also scared and began telling her about the “girl” she had seen and how she had died there in a horrible car accident some years back. Of course my mother freaked, because when she described what she was wearing and the way she looked, it Matched her friends’ description exactly.

Well the next night, my mother wanted to go back up there and try to see if She was dreaming or whatever, and had convinced her boyfriend and her two friends to go with her. That night when her boyfriend pulled up in the driveway, he honked the horn as he usually did, and my mother came out the back door like she always did.

This time though, he saw a very tall black shadow, follow my mother from the back door all the way to the car and as my mother approached his car, the shadow bolted through the bushes. I have to add, that my grandfather had added floodlights in the drive so my Mother could see where she was going when she came home from her dates.

My mothers’ boyfriend was pale as a ghost, when she sat next to him, and when he told her what he had seen, it made her even more anxious to get back upcountry.

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It was about 11:30 pm when they finally got to the same spot as the morning Before. My mother’s boyfriend slowed down and eventually stopped directly In front of where she had seen the “Ghost”. There was nothing.

They waited for about an hour and was ready to leave, when my mother glanced over at the wall, and as plain as day, there she was again. Sitting there all alone with her knees to her chest and her head down. This time, my Mother got out of the car. The funny thing is, no one else saw the apparition.

As my mother rounded the back of the car, the apparition looked up at her and it seemed like it was trying to tell her something. My mother stopped Dead in her tracks. She said she remembers the expression on the apparitions face. It was so sad. She remembers trying to make out what it was saying. She was able to make out, “You’re next”.

And with that, there was a flash of bright light like an explosion, and the image was gone, she could smell smoke and the crackling of fire, then she collapsed. She awoke In the front seat of the car and her boyfriend, and friends staring at her.

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She told them what she had seen, and what the spirit told her. Well Needless to say they took off down the mountain and called it a night. The next morning my mother woke and went into the kitchen to greet my Grandparents.

They’re very early risers and had breakfast already ready When woke up. They had bad news for her. Apparently, a girl from her Highschool was walking down that same road where she had seen the spirit and was killed by a tourist speeding down the mountain. There was a huge Explosion because the car he was driving went up and over the wall into the Small gorge that was there.

My mother freaked! She called her boyfriend to tell him what had happened.

He already knew from his parents. And they both realized that if they had Staying there a little while longer, she would have died, instead of the Other girl.

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Later my mother had been flipping through some of the yearbooks the library Had, not even thinking of her experience, when she almost collapsed, there Taking up the whole page was a memorial dedication, with a huge 8×10 of the Girl she had seen sitting on the wall.

The funny thing is, when my mother went home and flipped through her own Old yearbooks, there was a note on the front inside cover that she had mever noticed before. It read — to my good friend Marilyn, — which is my mothers name by the way, — I will always be there when you need me – God Bless–.

There was no name signed or anything. Freaky huh.

I hoped you enjoyed my contribution.

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Nathan F.

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