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An amateur astronomer captured a huge UFO near Saturn

An amateur astronomer was looking at Saturn through a telescope and noticed a mysterious huge object that flew over the north pole of the planet.

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Prominent ufologist Scott Waring commented on the video.

He believes that the UFO was the size of the moon, but it was not a satellite orbiting Saturn. Object flew over the polar region of the planet and went into the darkness of outer space.

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According to the ufologist, the object had a disc-like shape, which probably belongs to representatives of alien civilizations.

The researcher is confident that the footage received by the amateur astronomer is real, that is, the video has not been edited.

Many people who are fond of astronomy can freely acquire modern equipment for observing space objects. It would seem that quite recently, amateur astronomers directly from home recorded the passage of mysterious objects past the Moon, and now UFOs are observed much farther from the Earth, on other planets.

I wonder where NASA’s large telescopes are looking in this case?

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Jake Carter

Jake Carter is a researcher and a prolific writer who has been fascinated by science and the unexplained since childhood.

He is not afraid to challenge the official narratives and expose the cover-ups and lies that keep us in the dark. He is always eager to share his findings and insights with the readers of, a website he created in 2013.


  1. Added and badly. Stating the video has not been edited does not make it so.It suddenly appears just as it’s flush with rings but disappears as it’s flush with the left side of the planet. An object lit by the sun as this is would remain reflecting sunlight prior to and after leaving the immediate area. You can see it passes in front of the top of the planet, so it was not in the planet’s shadow at any point.

    Or maybe they turned on the lights for just those couple of seconds. Needed the dome light to look for something they dropped on the floor in the dark of space because apparently the Sun’s not working right. /s

    • But you know, it’s not as bad as I thought. Given the track record of this site I was expecting that moon’s shadow was the alien craft! Why do I bother coming here then, if this site is so bad? Because much of it is just fine for what it is. But they regularly sensationalize obviously mundane things.

      Every half rotted animal washed ashore is some prehistoric or alien monster and they constantly share some of the worst but heavily followed youtubers for the subjects covered here.

      Entertaining fanciful ideas is a good thing. Keep your mind open to the possibilities even if we cannot currently imagine it to be real is incredibly important but maintain discernment, people.

      Yes, aliens are out there. Or under us. Or next to us/out of phase/another dimension, etc.. Or even among us. What if Scientologists are right and they’re IN us? LMAO. I doubt we’re all inhabited by thetans (iirc), but who of us truly knows?

      Also yes, most of the “proof” is not real. It’s mostly just noise to bury the real proof under the blanket of conspiracy theory. Some of it is accidental. Much of it is not.

      They spend a lot of time and money shaping what we think, including the “alternative thinkers”. Even as some of us become more aware of their machinations, we are still falling prey to some of it.

      We help them by jumping the gun and refusing to use critical eyes or thought processes when we so eagerly devour that juicy info that we expect will confirm our mindset. And we will often accept it as true just as eagerly because it does bolster our belief. We will never truly know just how much of what we know are lies… at least not in this life.

      To wrap up this little rant, I feel the need to point out. If any alien entity is working with our governments in secret, don’t trust them. They’re either just as bad/worse or too incredibly stupid not to realize how corrupt they ALL are. Kind of scary to have technology that advanced but not the intelligence to discern global corruption that’s evident to many humans not lulled by talking heads? GTFO.

      Peace all, sorry for the ramble rant. Getting tired of a lot of the crap going on. I don’t know why this became a bit of a fissure in the dam but I’ve slapped some flex seal on that -ahem- witch and it’s all fixed now. ;)

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