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An alien was shot at an American base, says a former US Air Force major

George Filler
Former US Air Force soldier Major George Filler stated that in 1978 an unidentified flying object was mistaken for a spy machine.

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The 84-year-old man claims to have been told about the incident by a senior military police officer.

According to the officer, in the early morning of January 18, 1978, a UFO was discovered in Fort Dix, which the military took for a spy plane.

The officer said that when a UFO was spotted in the sky over the base, he went to the landing strip to find out. There, a “thin gray-brown creature” suddenly appeared near his car on the ground.

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The soldier ordered the stranger to freeze and not move, but he did not listen (or simply did not understand), and then the officer opened fire to kill. The creature was shot five times.

When a special cleaning team arrived at the scene, the alien no longer showed signs of life. The body was taken to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.

A senior officer told Filler that UFOs were “buzzing like crazy around their base.” When the major requested photographs and eyewitness accounts for the report, he was denied access to them.

The story of a former military US Air Force has been described in detail in the book “Strange ship: The true story of the life of Air Force intelligence officer with a UFO.”

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Retired Major George Filler is convinced that the military police officer’s story is not a hoax.

Earlier, US Air Force pilot David Fravor said that governments may have alien technology.

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