Amityville horror house victim: “This place was really cursed”

On November 13, 1974, Ronald DeFeo took a gun and shot his entire family in the house at 112 Ocean Avenue, Amityville, USA. The investigation into this horrific crime led to what is now known as the Amityville Horror.

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This house, inhabited by something very evil and supernatural, did not remain empty for long, and just two weeks after the massacre of Defeo, it was purchased by new owners – the Lutz family with three sons. Moreover, for only 80 thousand dollars, the house was sold at a huge discount.

But they could not live in the damned house for even two months, hastily escaping from there on January 14, 1975. Later they repeatedly reported that they had observed numerous paranormal phenomena in this house.

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Recently, BBC2 aired the documentary “Amityville: An Origin Story,” which featured 52-year-old Christopher Lutz, the Lutzes’ middle son. During their stay in the Amityville Horror House, he was only 6 years old, but what he saw then, he remembered for the rest of his life.”

“I was lying on my bed and looking down the hallway, and there was a figure standing right in front of the door. It looked like a shadow, only it didn’t have legs that touched the ground. When I looked at this thing, it came towards me, and I petrified,” says Christopher Lutz.

In addition to ghosts, the Lutzes constantly felt strange odors, there was a cold draft coming from everywhere, and objects in the house periodically moved on their own.

They later published a book about their misadventures, on the basis of which a horror film was made. Christopher remembers that shortly before his escape, his parents invited a priest to the house to perform a cleansing ceremony.

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“The last week we spent there was the worst. We had a priest come to bless every room in the house. And during this we heard a chorus of voices loudly asking, ‘Could you please stop?'”

The priest who visited the house remembers that during the ceremony he himself heard a disembodied voice that shouted to him “Get away!”

During this same cleansing process, Christopher’s older brother Danny also experienced an incident that could be interpreted as a child being attacked by ghosts.

“I remember they had us go around the house and open all the windows, and what they were trying to do was essentially an exorcism. And so they walked around saying these prayers, and then when we were told to close the windows, there was Danny’s hand incident.

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A heavy window frame with glass mysteriously hit his brother’s hand, causing him severe pain.

“My mom took longer than she should have trying to get the glass off his hand, and Danny was screaming in pain.” According to the Lutzes, the house was inhabited by the ghost of Ronald Defeo, who after his death became another part of the evil hiding in this house.

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  1. I was growing up in New York City when this happened., that is first the DeFeo murders, and then the Lutzes fleeing the house. I don’t really know what to believe about this case. However, having had experiences with good and bad spirits, you couldn’t PAY me enough to purchase a house with that kind of history. Horrendous events at the least, leave some kind of imprint upon places. Years ago also, my parents debated about buying a Colonial era house outside New York City. I don’t know if my dad believed in ghosts, he died when I was pretty young. However, he found out the horrible history of that house. and told my mom to ” forget it.” If nothing else, my dad saw death while fighting in World War Two.

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