Americans are sure that the US authorities are hiding the truth about aliens

About 62% of Americans believe in the existence of an extraterrestrial civilization. According to a survey by Morning Consult / Politico, 79% of them believe that the government is hiding the truth about aliens from its citizens, reports

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The number of votes was divided between representatives of various US political parties. Among Democrats, 68% believe in the existence of aliens, and among Republicans, only 55% agree with the statement.

According to the survey, the older an American gets, the less he believes in UFOs.

Among young people from 10 to 25 years old, 76% of respondents say that aliens exist. About 72% of US citizens under the age of 42 have maintained a belief in UFOs.

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Among Americans under the age of 59, 59% continue to assert the existence of extraterrestrial life, and after 60, only 54% believe in aliens.

Specialists from Russia and China could be far ahead of their American counterparts in the study of UFOs. Ufologist Nick Pope said that the Pentagon could oversleep a hidden threat to US security.

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