American physicist: humans, after death, fall into a parallel world

SoulAn American specialist from the Institute of Regenerative Medicine, Robert Paul Lantz, shared his assumption about where the human soul can go after a person leaves this world. According to scientist, human life is a more complex phenomenon than many people think.

Physicist Robert Paul Lanz is sure that the soul, after the human body dies, goes into a parallel world. This place, according to the expert, has nothing to do with biblical heaven or hell.

The expert said that the soul is a kind of accumulation of energy. A person accumulates it during life, and after death this energy is released and begins its own path. The scientist called this state “quantum teleportation”.

To date, many scientists around the world have repeatedly talked about the existence of parallel worlds, and other universes. The proofs of such theories are macroparticles, which can simultaneously be in two states. This means that they are able to be in the same period of time in absolutely different places.

Scientific confirmation of the theory has not yet been acquired, so to believe or not to believe a scientist – is a purely personal matter.

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