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American pastor said that the end of the world will come in 2020

Christian evangelist Paul Begley said the apocalypse will come in 2020 a few days before Christmas. The doomsday prophecy indicated on the Mayan calendar will come true after an annular eclipse.

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The pastor believes that a few days before Christmas in 2020, “the end of the world” will occur. At the same time, he refers to the Mayan calendar. He attributes this to the fact that a rare astronomical event will occur on December 21, 2020.

Beagley refers to Mayan elders who believed that the end of the world would happen in 2012, but they were mistaken.

On December 21, 2020, a rare occurrence will occur when Saturn and Jupiter come closer to each other and together form the brightest “star” in the sky since the time of observation of the Star of Bethlehem.

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Since 1623, this will be the closest approach of the planets, which will be repeated only after 500 years. It is these phenomena, including the winter solstice, that the pastor considers significant and should not be ignored.

Some users of social networks believe that the legendary French predictor Nostradamus foresaw the end of the world in 2020. Too many events taking place in 2020 indicate that humanity will not see 2021.

One Twitter user wrote that the ‘Antichrist’ in the White House, floods, locusts, deadly flies and coronavirus are what Nostradamus warned 465 years ago.

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