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Am I Cursed? How to Find Out and What to Do About It

Magic cursingLife can be hard; no one disputes that, but for some people it seems to go beyond that. Difficulties can hit one person or one family in particular so frequently and with such force that it’s easy for even the most staunch skeptic to wonder if it’s possible that he’s cursed.

If you’re wondering if your run of bad luck has some roots in black magic, or trying to figure a way to break the streak, consider this.

What is a Curse?

Essentially, a curse is excessive negative energy that’s been directed at someone, or something, with the intent to do harm. Harm can manifest in a variety of ways: illness, accidents/traumas, loss, negative emotions (fear, depression, anger) or they can manifest as what just seems to be misfortune.

Two Basic Types of Curses

The first type of curse is deliberate. It’s rare, though. People skilled in magical arts generally practice within a system that trains them in self-control, discipline and ethics. Just like most people who are properly trained in martial arts have no desire to beat up others, students of magic rarely desire to aim such negativity at others.

The second type of curse is unintentional. It’s born out of passionate hatred—again, this is not something very common, but it does happen when anger flares. Usually this person doesn’t realize his or her own psychic strength, and is hateful and vindictive enough to actually want to see harm come to another. And – believe it or not – this type can even be self-inflicted (self-loathing)!

Thus, by design or by sheer force of will, a burst of negative energy is aimed at a target.

The Cycle of Negativity

While they’re not that powerful on their own, curses can create a vicious cycle. They cannot effect whole families, or generations of families, or stretch out to cover every aspect of your life. That focused negativity is going to be of a specific type- they’ll want to see you experience loss, pain or financial ruin. But it’s the tip of the iceberg.

When you’re unguarded, that negativity settles. It drains you and your defenses even further and puts you more out of balance. Once you feel the effects of misfortune, you’re more susceptible to stress, depression and other negative emotions.

It becomes a little like a generator with an alternator—the more it runs, the more negative energy it generates, the more it recharges itself. That just leaves you open to drawing more negativity to yourself—and to the people close to you.

What do You Do About It?

There’s just no way to prove a curse; but don’t panic. Magic can’t control people like puppets. Renounce it. Laugh at it. Proclaim it has no power over you—this alone can help begin to disperse some of that energy. Affirm that you are reclaiming control over your life. A curse only has power over you if you let it.

Cleanse yourself further to rid yourself of the energy—depending on how long you’ve let this curse go on, it may take several sessions. Cleanse your aura or chakras, have a psychic perform a hands-on healing, use blessed crystals or smudge your home with sage to be rid of remnants.

Finally, and most importantly, spend some time immersed in positive energy. Whatever you do, do not dwell on the curse or any of the effects it might have had. Instead, go to your favorite vacation spot, indulge in hobbies, read your favorite feel-good books or watch happy movies.

Meditate regularly for a while, if you don’t already, and repeat positive affirmations to yourself. This is the final blow to clear the air and restore health and balance to your life, making any curse a thing of the past—go on and think no more about it and you will be free.

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