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Demon girl

Almost 50% of Americans believe in paranormal entities

Demon girlA recent YouGov poll showed how many Americans believe in supernatural entities existence.

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With Halloween fast approaching, YouGov decided to ask members of the public what they think about ghosts, demons and other supernatural beings.

The results showed that 45% of Americans adhere to the idea that ghosts and demons either “definitely exist” or “probably exist” but belief in vampires was substantially less than 13%.

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Slightly more overall – a total of 46% – believed in some kind of supernatural being with the extra 1% believing probably in some other form of spiritual being not specifically listed in the survey.

YouGov also listed the results based on the respondents political views.

The results indicated that Republicans were much more likely than Democrats to believe in supernatural beings, with 54% vs. 37% for demons, 46% vs. 41% for ghosts, and 14% vs. 8% for vampires.

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Overall, 50% of Republicans believed in some sort of supernatural being vs 41% for Democrats.

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