A video appeared on the network with the allegedly dead Bigfoot cub

A video appeared on the network with the allegedly dead Bigfoot cub. The place where the alleged Bigfoot corpse was found is not indicated. So far, all that is known is that the video was shared by Leroy Simmons.

The published video shows a mysterious creature that lies on the ground with no signs of life. Supposed bigfoot cub all covered in black hair. It is clearly seen that the being is not breathing and has already begun to decompose.

Commentators under the video began to argue about what kind of creature it was.

“If it were real, I would have picked it up and taken it in for inspection. Why didn’t you do this?”, asks Michael Maass.

“What did you do after finding it? DNA or any other actions? Come on, give us more info, please”, wrote another user.

We follow the events and we will update the article if we have more information.

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