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Alien earth

Aliens message in Thai temple: World War III will begin in 2022

Alien earthVisitors to the Thai temple, which is located on the hill of Khao Kala, have been visiting this place for more than twenty years. Every year the number of visitors is constantly increasing.

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And the reason for this is not at all interest in the basics of Buddhism, but the fact that there is the opportunity to communicate personally with aliens, reports Daily Star.

The beginning of all this takes in 1997. Then one of the locals Cherd Chuensamnuang visited the temple to pray and conduct meditation directly in front of the Buddha statue, which is located in the courtyard.

At this time, he was able to establish contact with the inhabitants of other galaxies, who shared a lot of interesting information about themselves.

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Cherd was shocked by what had happened and immediately told all the villagers and relatives about his communication with aliens. But no one believed him.

After that, a year passed and a huge number of people saw a UFO flying in the sky. Some time after this, one of the residents of the village said that she saw on the hill where the temple is, a small group of aliens.

After that numerous visitors began to come to the temple to talk with aliens. Many of them were able to achieve contact with the inhabitants of other planets.

It is worth noting that some messages from aliens sound frightening. For example, the aliens told about the beginning of the Third World War, which allegedly burst in 2022. In addition, earthlings should wait for environmental disasters and various natural disasters.

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