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Aliens May Live Among Us, According To Some Scientists And Officials

Some officials and scientists have said they believe extraterrestrials live in our midst, that we may unwittingly be in contact with them on a daily basis or they may even be inside our bodies.

1. Canada’s Former Defense Minister

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Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer told RT he believes aliens are among us:

“[I’ve] been getting from various sources [that] there are about 80 different species and some of them look just like us and they could walk down the street and you wouldn’t know if you walked past one.”

Paul Hellyer

2. Paul Davies, Arizona State University

Award-winning physicist Paul Davies has said alien life may be “right under our noses — or even in our noses.”

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He told CBS News that microbes from outer space may be on the earth or even in our bodies. He also said life may have developed on Earth multiple times, not just once, and that life from different time periods may be alien.

3. Dr. Robert Trundle, Northern Kentucky University

Dr. Robert Trundle, a philosophy professor at North Kentucky University, told the Cincinnati Post in 2004 that he has been “shunned” for his views on extraterrestrials. He wrote a book titled “Is ET Here? No Politically, but Yes Scientifically and Theologically.”

He told the Post:

“Does ET exist from a political perspective? No, because the government is afraid of the culture shock and public panic. For the government to acknowledge the existence of extraterrestrials here would be to admit it can’t protect us from them.

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Scientifically, I argue that thousands of well-regarded witness accounts cannot simply be dismissed. I’m talking about pilots who have come forward even though it’s meant they’ve had to undergo psychiatric exams as a direct result.”

4. Head of the Space Research Institute at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Latchezar Filipov, head of the Space Research Institute at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, told the Toronto Star in 2009:

“We sent (the aliens) 30 questions about global problems, … and now we have some answers.”

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He did not say how the queries were sent, but he did say the answers came as pictograms in crop circles.

The aliens are said to have told Filipov and his team that the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence’s (SETI’s) attempts to detect aliens have failed because of “magnetic fields.” Filipov also said, according to the Telegraph:

“Aliens are currently all around us, and are watching us all the time.”

Filipov has worked on a MIR spacecraft mission and has held high-level positions in astrophysics.

5. Chris Jones, UFO expert

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Chris Jones, who is an expert on UFOs, made a statement that most of the stories about alien abductions may in fact turn out to be the pure truth. In addition, the ufologist assumes that aliens have been living among people for a long time, but so far they have skillfully hidden this fact.

Jones said that for many years he was studying the stories of how people were abducted by aliens. He noted that they all have a lot in common. The ufologist also added that the aliens may already be among people, but few people guess about this, because they hide and disguise themselves well.

The personal experience of many people and the detection of UFOs in various parts of the planet suggests that there is an interaction between humanity and extraterrestrial intelligent beings.

This question became even more interesting for the ufologist after the US government began investigating 144 cases of contacts with unidentified objects that were recorded over the past 15 years. The US military attributed all these cases to the number of unidentified air phenomena or illegal armed groups.

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