Aliens may exist but are too afraid of ‘dangerous’ humans to visit Earth

Biopsychologist Gordon Gallup explained why aliens can ignore humanity. He shared this with the British edition of the Daily Mail.

Novels and films of the science fiction genre have repeatedly offered the scenario of the enslavement of humanity by alien invaders.

Even the British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking warned that aliens could do to people the way European colonialists did to America: conquer, enslave and colonize people to exploit earth’s resources.

Gordon Gallup, a biopsychologist at the State University of New York at Albany, suggests that aliens with powerful technology avoid contact with people for fear that they will actually be enslaved.

So maybe they are afraid of us.

He noted that if the aliens really exist, then they would have discovered people long ago and found out that they are dangerous, cruel, constantly conflicting and fighting with each other, continuing to develop weapons of mass destruction.

Environmental problems, constant military conflicts and human conquest ambitions show that people are dangerous both for terrestrial life forms and interplanetary ones.

The scientist said that if aliens exist, then for them people carry a potential threat. Therefore, there is no evidence that they exist. They don’t want to be discovered.

The specialist drew attention to the fact that humanity is unique in its development of technologies that can lead to their self-destruction. In addition, people are highly dependent on the natural resources of the planet.

The fact that people are on the verge of mass extinction, they themselves are to blame.

In conclusion, Gordon Gallup questioned the very existence of extraterrestrial aliens. He stated that the history of biology on Earth is a clear demonstration that intelligent, technologically advanced life is unique in its kind.

Despite the existence of a billion different life forms on Earth, a being with self-awareness and the ability to make devices appeared only once.

Therefore, the prospect of finding the same intelligent life in some other place is far from reality, suggests Gordon.

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