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Aliens downed Tunguska meteorite to save Earth

Aliens downed the Tunguska meteorite to protect our planet from devastation, according to Russian ufologist Yuriy Lavbin. He presented ten quartz crystals that he discovered at the site of the meteorite’s impact. Several of the crystals have holes, suggesting they could be linked together in a chain.

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What purpose might this chain serve? Additionally, some crystals have strange markings on them. Lavbin claims that no existing technology can produce such markings on crystal. He also reported finding ferrum silicate, a material that cannot be produced on Earth and must have come from space.

The meteorite impact occurred long ago, in the summer of 1908. A massive fireball streaked across the sky with a terrifying roar, frightening the local population into staying indoors.

Flattened trees from the Tunguska Event
Flattened trees from the Tunguska Event

The “fiery alien” ultimately crashed in a remote area of the taiga. Within seconds, an explosive wave spread across a 40-kilometer radius, destroying everything in its path.

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Many years later, a Siberian scientist organized an expedition to the impact site. They meticulously searched the riverbanks and discovered unusual quartz artifacts.

Mr. Lavbin asserts that such solid stones do not exist naturally on Earth. He described an experiment in which scientists attempted to replicate the markings on the stones using a laser.

They were astonished to find that the laser, which can typically cut through metal, could only produce faint lines on the crystals.

A mysterious portrait on one of the stones supports this hypothesis. Could it depict the pilot who sacrificed their life for our future?

The stones feature an intricate system of lines and circles. Scientists speculate that these stones were part of a spaceship’s navigational system. When assembled, they form a map used for interstellar travel.

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It is believed that in 1908, a UFO was struck by a meteorite weighing 1 billion tons. If the meteorite had collided with Earth, it would have caused catastrophic damage. However, the aliens intervened, sacrificing their lives to save our planet.

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