Aliens do not fly to Earth because of the “uninteresting” Sun

Aliens may be looking for certain types of heavenly bodies to create an intragalactic base, so they are not interested in the Sun. Scientists are sure that, based on this, they do not fly to Earth either.

The aliens take into account the variety of stars in space when they think about establishing their colonies. The researchers at American University and the Space Science Institute, who made this assumption, believe that aliens are more likely to prefer small star systems M and K, which are more attractive for life, reports Astrophysical Journal.

“We hypothesize that an expanding civilization will settle in low-mass K- or M-dwarf systems, avoiding higher-mass stars to maximize their lifespan in the galaxy,” the researchers write.

M- and K-dwarfs are positioned by scientists as capable of existing for a long period of time.

For humanity, this is not important, but the newcomers-colonizers would clearly take this into account when developing plans for the population of certain space objects.

Experts argue that the development of the solar system requires a lot of resources, and therefore it makes no sense for extraterrestrial civilizations to spend them on a fleeting star.

Even if a certain group of aliens are advanced in terms of technology, it still takes almost two billion years for them to reach low-mass luminaries, so it should not be ruled out that there are several such civilizations in the Milky Way now trying to do this.

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