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Aliens could be elephant-sized spiders, biologist says

Leading biologist and evolutionary expert, Professor Richard Dawkins, revealed his ideas about what alien creatures might look like in an online survey. According to his estimates, if the aliens came from a planet where the gravitational field is much weaker than on Earth, then they could be elephant-sized spiders.

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Professor Dawkins, known throughout the world for his research and books on evolution, noted that if aliens come from a planet similar to Earth, then there is reason to believe that they would have similarities with humans. However, in case they came from a planet with a “much weaker gravitational pull”, they could take the form of elephant-sized animals built like spiders.

The professor emphasized that extraterrestrial life, in his opinion, most likely exists. However, he noted that the possibility of first contact with alien civilizations on Earth is extremely small, and it is likely that the first communication will be through radio waves.

Dawkins also noted that the appearance of the aliens will depend on the conditions on their own planet. He compared this to an example of the resemblance of the Australian fauna to that of the rest of the world.

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If the conditions on the planet of aliens are close to ours, then there will probably be creatures similar to terrestrial animals.

Richard Dawkins stressed that the question of extraterrestrial life remains open, and it is possible that in the future we will encounter creatures that will resemble ourselves or our terrestrial counterparts.

Perhaps they will have amazing and unpredictable forms created by evolution under the influence of various factors on their planet.

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