Aliens can destroy all of humanity with a simple code

Alien attack scenarios are very well shown in Hollywood films today. The invasion of alien ships, the destruction of cities and chaos among people create a real impression of the apocalypse.

However, the likelihood that an attack on Earth will be similar is very small. If aliens were truly hostile, their mode of invasion would be very different from what is shown in the films.

Astrophysicists Michael Hippke and John G. Leach, in one of their scientific articles, put forward the theory that an alien attack would be much more effective and less costly.

In their opinion, the Universe is very large, the distances are too great even for high-speed travel, and it is extremely unprofitable to build a gigantic fleet of spaceships. Consequently, the aliens can orchestrate an attack using only the malicious code hidden in the message.

This code will contain an extremely advanced artificial intelligence that will instantly spread throughout the Internet and penetrate all computer networks in the world. As a result, everything will be under attack: the banking sector, energy networks, military installations, etc.

Humanity can prevent such attacks. To do this, they do not need to read messages sent from space and treat them like space spam.

Michael Hippke argues that people cannot assess in advance all the risks associated with reading it, so the only way to protect yourself is to destroy it.

However, the same scientists say that the likelihood of such an invasion is still very small, and if such a message is received, it must be read, because the potential benefits will be enormous.

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