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“Alien structures” on the Moon discovered by researcher

The famous ufologist and virtual archaeologist Scott Waring said that he discovered mysterious alien structures on the Moon.

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The south polar region of the Moon has become the focus of ufologists’ attention after Scott Waring claimed to have discovered alien structures hidden in craters. Each of the mysterious structures has an bizarre appearance, raising many questions and theories.

The image shows a structure in a crater with a diameter of about 8 miles, and the length of the structure itself is 4 miles.

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Humanity is accustomed to standard building forms on Earth, but Waring argues that aliens may represent completely different architectural concepts.

“We develop our ideas from past experiences on Earth, but alien designs may differ significantly. This creates difficulties in their interpretation,” said the ufologist.

One of the key questions is the presence of life in these structures. Waring raises an important question: “Are these structures inhabited by aliens, or are they simply monuments to them?”

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Waring calls for more research and emphasizes the need for deeper study of the Moon to unlock the secrets of these mysterious structures.

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