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Alien probes flying near the Earth – says the scientist

earth alienUS scientist James Benford made the assumption that co-orbiting space objects moving in the same orbit as our planet, are probes of alien civilizations. Some researchers believe that this is unlikely, but this idea may be valuable for further research.

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In 1997, the first co-orbital asteroid was discovered, and after 2010 another 15. Earth’s Closest Companion – the closest companion of the Earth is 38 times further than the Moon.

According to Benford, this object is highly likely to be an alien probe, since it is close to the Earth and forms a stable orbital structure with it.

The physicist believes that it is necessary not only to observe these objects, but also to make attempts to contact them, sending signals in their direction. Moreover, the scientist suggests sending small research probes to them.

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If the hypothesis with alien probes is not confirmed, then this will only confirm that the Earth is not under anyone’s close attention, and the probability of alien life will decrease.

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