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Alien civilizations may have been destroyed by gamma-ray bursts

Despite numerous searches for alien life, it has never been discovered. Now one astronomer has come up with a theory to explain its absence: alien civilizations could have been wiped out by gamma-ray bursts.

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Gamma-ray bursts are the most powerful explosions in the Universe, emitting enormous amounts of energy. Astronomy professor Frederick Walter of Stony Brook University in New York believes these explosions could have destroyed alien civilizations in their home galaxies.

“It’s a tightly focused beam,” Walter told “And, if it’s directed through the plane of the galaxy, it could basically sterilize about 10 percent of the planets in the galaxy.”

Although gamma-ray bursts are rare in our Milky Way galaxy, they are more common in young, distant galaxies. Walter believes that a gamma-ray burst occurs approximately every 100 million years in any galaxy, which could destroy many civilizations.

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“It’s kind of a morbid thought,” Walter said. “But this is a possible explanation for why we haven’t found alien life yet.”

Walter’s theory is based on decades of research conducted by NASA’s Compton Gamma-ray Observatory. The satellite was launched in 1991 to search for gamma-ray bursts in our galaxy.

NASA scientists expected to find more gamma-ray bursts emanating from our galactic disk. However, they found that these events are much more common in young, distant galaxies.

Walter’s theory suggests that if alien civilizations exist, they could be destroyed by powerful gamma-ray bursts.

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This is just one of the possible theories explaining the lack of contact with extraterrestrial civilizations.

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