Alien AI could ‘infect’ our technology, scientists warn

Aliens might be engaging in communication with our world by utilizing a sequence of artificial intelligence messengers, adeptly maneuvering and emulating terrestrial systems to observe us.

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There is speculation that extraterrestrial entities could be dispatching artificial intelligence agents to Earth in an initial effort to establish contact, assimilating into our robotic infrastructure to replicate life on our planet.

In the scenario where beings from distant galaxies are en route to our planet, it’s plausible that they’re opting for AI emissaries rather than conventional organic interactions. This AI presence could potentially impact our technological landscape.

Harvard University Professor Avi Loeb suggests that these extraterrestrial robots may be influencing our own technology with the intention of fostering a “kinship” between these machines and their messenger drones.

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According to Professor Loeb, the forthcoming interactions with beings from other planets are highly contingent upon the advancements made in artificial intelligence. This technology can be harnessed and shaped by those who aim to initiate contact.

In conversation with Mark Christopher Lee, the host of Nub TV’s paranormal segment, Professor Loeb expressed that establishing communication with entities within the Milky Way hinges significantly on technological developments.

He said: “In the future our AI systems may try to imitate extra terrestrial AI systems because they would be far more advanced.

“And perhaps once they reach similar levels that will usher our way into the class of intelligence civilisations in the Milky Way galaxy.”

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