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Alien Abduction Case of Betty Andreasson

AliensOn the evening of January 25, 1967, Betty Andreasson, her parents and five children had an experience which was to become a cornerstone of Ufology.

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While washing up at her kitchen sink, Betty Andreasson (now Betty Andreasson Luca) noticed the lights in her house blinking on and off. Suddenly, a red-orange light shone through the kitchen window.

Suspended Animation of Betty Andreasson’s Family

While Betty comforted her frightened children, her father ran to the kitchen window. Upon looking, he claimed to have seen five humanoid creatures “hopping” towards the house.

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The creatures apparently entered the house without opening any doors and immediately placed Betty’s family in a state of suspended animation, in which they appeared to be frozen.

One of the creatures went over to her father while the other four approached Betty, apparently communicating through telepathy not to be afraid and reassuring her that her family would not be harmed.

Upon expressing concern, Betty claims the creatures released one of her daughters (Becky) from the trance momentarily to prove they were in no danger.

Description of the Aliens

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Both Betty and her father described the aliens encountered as between four and five feet tall, with large, pear-shaped heads and dark, “wrap around” eyes.

Their ears and noses were described as small and their mouths mere slits which didn’t move as they communicated through telepathy. The creatures had grey skin and wore blue, overall type clothing with boots on their feet.

Another detail Betty noticed was that the aliens had only three fingers on their hands. The aliens emitted calmness and Betty claims she felt love and peace in their presence.

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Physical Examination of Betty Andreasson and Meeting “The One”

Upon being taken aboard a spaceship, Betty claims that she was physically examined by the aliens and taken to a larger mother ship. Aboard the larger mother ship, Betty claims she was subjected to a very painful examination which caused her to have an ecstatic religious experience.

Under hypnoses some years later, Betty asserted that she had been abducted many times before from a very early age. During some of these abductions, Betty claims she met with an entity she referred to as “the One.”

Every time Betty encountered “the One” under hypnoses, her demeanour would be one of happiness and joy, but she claimed she could not describe the meeting or repeat what she had been told by the entity.

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Analysis of Betty Andreasson’s Experience

Being a devoutly Christian woman, Betty Andreasson interpreted her experiences in religious terms, believing that the alien beings that visited her were angelic in nature.

Betty Andreasson has become one of the most well-known names in UFO research and her experiences continue to interest Ufologists around the world.

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