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Aleister Crowley’s cursed Loch Ness house set to be restored

crowley houseThree investors bought the fire-ravaged remains of the legendary Loch Ness occultist house.

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Boleskine House was built in the 18th century near Foyers on the south-eastern side of Loch Ness, Scotland, in an area with a long history of peculiar events.

Aleister Crowley-a man who was once considered the’ world’s most wicked man’-lived in the house between 1899 and 1933 and was said to have used it to perform black magic rituals.

House has been the topic of lore and legend for centuries partially because of its notorious former owner’s reputation and partially because of weird occurrences recorded on the site.

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His next proprietor committed suicide with a shotgun after Crowley sold the house in 1913. Then the house was purchased by Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, and the caretaker employed to supervise the property reported witnessing weird events that seemed to suggest that Boleskine House was haunted or otherwise cursed.

After a fire broke out in 2015, the building was significantly damaged, prompting its owner to sell both the estate and the surrounding region.

Now, four years after the incident, the $650,000 asking price has been coughed up by three unnamed investors in order to restore the historic building and open it to the public.

“Upon its complete restoration, our volunteers intend to use the estate to promote education on the heritage of the house, to welcome the enjoyment of its structure and surrounding gardens, and to help to generate awareness of health and wellness,” the Boleskine Foundation writes on its website.

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