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Airshow anomaly: Superfast UAP spotted at New York event

New York City’s skies were the stage for an unexpected performer during the annual Bethpage Air Show at Jones Beach this past weekend.

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Amidst the high-flying stunts of the celebrated Blue Angels, a small, swift-moving object made an unscripted appearance, leaving everyone baffled.

The incident, which occurred during one of the most anticipated aerial events in the region, was not part of the scheduled entertainment.

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A video, taken by an airshow attendee, shows a circular, silvery object darting across the sky at a staggering velocity.

Further intrigue was added when a separate report to the National UFO Reporting Center detailed a sighting that closely matched the object in the video.

The witness described an object traveling at an extraordinary speed at altitudes typically reserved for commercial airliners. The account included a detailed observation of the object’s abrupt maneuver, a 90-degree turn followed by a rapid descent, all within the span of a few seconds.

Authorities and experts have yet to provide an explanation for the occurrence, leaving the identity of the object as an open question.

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