Airline pilot on UFO: “This thing turned 180 degrees in a second”

During a commercial night flight from Boston to Pennsylvania, an unidentified American Airlines pilot reported encountering a UFO.

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In an eerie audio clip, the pilot, who chose to remain anonymous, described the unusual sighting of a UFO with distinctive “bright orange” lights not typical of conventional aircraft.

“I know you’re going to think I’m crazy,” the pilot prefaced, detailing the mysterious object’s rapid movements from right to left, flashing its lights three or four times before vanishing.

The pilot emphasized the extraordinary agility of the object, noting its ability to make a 180-degree turn in about a second.

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“There’s something that went from right to left, then right again in a blink, flashed its lights three or four times, then disappeared,” he explained.

“This thing turned 180 degrees in about a second.”

In response, the air traffic controller expressed astonishment with a simple, “Oh goodness.”

Another pilot, likely from the same plane, later corroborated the initial pilot’s account, revealing that the UFO had traversed from one coast to the other and ascended at a 30-degree angle.

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The second pilot described the object as a bright orange entity, lacking typical aircraft features like strobe lights.

The audio clip, shared on YouTube, ignited a debate among viewers regarding the nature of the pilots’ sighting.

This incident is not the first time pilots have reported significant UFO sightings. In a similar vein, last year, former US Navy pilot Ryan Graves disclosed witnessing a “dark cube” within a “clear sphere” during training near the USS Theodore Roosevelt in 2015.

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Graves and fellow pilots reported approximately 650 instances of close encounters between military personnel and UFOs to the US Government.

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