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After Death Experiences: Gerard Sybers NDE Story

NDEMany people claim to have had near-death experiences. This is the story of a man who survived a World War Two prison camp as a child only to ‘flatline’ in later years.

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Gerard Sybers is an ordinary person (his own description) who enjoys life and the many activities in which he is involved. But he differs from most people in the fact that he ‘saw heaven’ during a near death experience.

Sybers was born on September 8, 1936, in Bandung, now Indonesia, Dutch East Indies. The family moved to Sumatra in 1940 because Gerard’s father was a government official whose position required him to move, and while there they were imprisoned by the Japanese.

Gerard suffered from a heart murmur from being interned and later, at the age of nine, was diagnosed with Blackwater Fever, a form of malignant malaria from which very few recovered.

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In 1991, Sybers was also diagnosed with a malignant melanoma on his head which was successfully removed, but he was given only six months to live.

Having escaped death twice he felt that he was an unusually fortunate man. He had married his sweetheart Elly and they had a family of four children and lived a happy life.

Gerard Sybers and his wife Elly.
Gerard Sybers and his wife Elly.

Near Death Experience

On December 20, 1993, Gerard Sybers was going about his regular routine when he was suddenly taken ill in the afternoon. He knew that he was dying (Sybers says that it is ‘not easy to die’), and he prayed that God would take his soul.

He was in excruciating pain and frightened and his wife phoned 911 immediately. The paramedics came and tried to revive him. In the hospital he was given medication that he was allergic to and he went into anaphylactic shock, swallowing his tongue.

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He again prayed to God and within seconds he ‘saw’ three angels who took him in their hands and carried him.

“The next thing I noticed that I found myself in the presence of three heavenly beings, in long flowing white robes, who where carrying me carefully upon their hands. I could however not make out their faces, as they gently carried me away”.

Sybers says that the angels didn’t speak but communication was instant by something like telepathy. He asked where they were taking him and received the reply “to the city of the Great King.”


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“They treated me with great respect as if I was the Son of the King, or a Prince of Israel. I did not go through any tunnel, nor saw any family members, but was instantly transported to a City of Light, and was brought before the Great King, whom, I might add, treated me like a son coming home from battle”, he recalls.

Gerard was shown many things in the city but was not allowed to remember them. Then at one point, the king asked him if he would like to stay and Sybers replied “Oh, yes.” He was also told that if he went back he could do great work in this world, so he reluctantly returned.

Almost immediately he was back in his body and in terrible pain. He couldn’t speak because of the medical equipment in his mouth, and there were needles in various parts of his body.

His wife was told that he would be a vegetable, but Sybers once again lived to tell his story. He felt that he was unworthy to have been received by the king in such an emotional and loving manner, and today says that he is extremely grateful for all that he has.

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“Many things I could not relate due to the fact that the reality of life up there is far grander than human words can express. To anyone who will find comfort in this message I say: God is IN LOVE with His people, and we are considered courageous by Angels, who are all around us at the command of the King.”, says Gerard.

He also mentions that the city of the Great King is unbelievably wonderful and there are no words to describe it.

“Multiply what we have on earth 1,000 times and you will still not be close to the beauty and love found there.”

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