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After a Ouija board session, 36 schoolgirls were hospitalized

Ouija boardA bizarre case of mass hysteria that affected thirty-six students at a school in Colombia may have been triggered by a Ouija board session, according to some witnesses.

The incident happened last week at the San Francisco de Asís School in Timbiquí, where the headmaster Emilio Balanta said that “it was a very unusual phenomenon which occurred.”

He explained that one student suddenly “started to struggle” and then her classmates also experienced similar symptoms when they tried to assist her.

The affected students were taken to the hospital with various unexplained conditions such as temporary blindness, fainting, and severe anxiety.

Balanta said that “it was a diabolical situation” and that “there is no explanation for what happened, there is none.”

He added that some people believe that something supernatural caused the girls to fall ill, and that a Ouija board session or “an online challenge” could be the source of the problem.

He did not specify what kind of online challenge he was referring to, but it could be the Charlie Charlie divination game.

Balanta reported that most of the hospitalized students have recovered from the episode.

This is the third time in the last year that a Ouija board has been linked to mass hysteria at a Colombian school, with 28 students hospitalized in March and 11 in November.

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