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After a headache, a woman lost memory for the last 30 years of her life

A 56-year-old woman from Louisiana, US, was admitted to the hospital due to a severe headache. When she woke up, she claimed that it was 1980 and she was a young girl.

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This incident happened 5 years ago, but it came to the media only the other day when the victim told reporters about her story. Kim Denicola lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

She is now 60 years old and has grandchildren, but she still suffers from a strange spontaneous amnesia that has robbed her of memory of thirty years of her life.

In October 2018, she was attending a Christian Bible study group meeting as usual when she began to experience severe headaches and blurred vision.

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Denicola lost consciousness, and when she woke up in the hospital, she considered herself a young, unmarried girl and did not remember anything about her husband and two children.

Kim also didn’t know about the existence of computers and thought that the President of the United States is now the same as he was in 1980.

“Do you know what year it is?” the nurse asked her.

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“Yes. 1980,” Denicola replied.

“Who is our president?”

“Ronald Reagan.”

When Denicola was told that it was actually 2018, it was a big shock to her.

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“TVs are so smart now, and the TV I remember was a big box against the wall. To change the channel, we had to stand up and walk towards it,” Denicola said.

Doctors diagnosed the woman with extensive amnesia, but still do not understand what caused it and why the woman suddenly lost her memory of three decades.

Even after doing a lot of tests and scans. When Denicola saw her husband and children, and when she arrived at her home, everything was new to her, as if seen for the first time. Before this Christmas she cooked a lot of goodies, saying that she had “lost so many Christmases” and wanted to make up for it.

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Doctors now think it’s likely she’ll never be able to regain her memories. Her full diagnosis sounds like temporary anterograde amnesia with acute onset (TGA) and in the USA approximately 5-10 people out of every 10 thousand suffer from this every year.

However, such strong cases as Denicola’s are very rare. Women over 50 years of age are at risk. It is believed that this occurs from particularly hard work or stress, but can also occur with severe migraines.

In an attempt to restore her memory, Denicola read the entries in her diary, but, according to her, it was so alien, as if she was reading about some stranger.

Fortunately, thanks to the care of her family, Denicola regained warm feelings for her husband and children. And she is very optimistic: “It’s possible that I lost my memories, but guess what? We can create new ones.”

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