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African magician handcuffs thief with bees in Uganda

In a jaw-dropping incident (see video below) that left onlookers in disbelief, a motorcycle thief was reportedly apprehended by a swarm of bees in Koboko district, reports Digital News Uganda.

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Witnesses claim that the bees, believed to have been summoned by a female traditional healer in the region, not only managed to detain the thief but also escorted him to the Central Police Station in Koboko.

The unusual arrest unfolded as the alleged thief attempted to make a getaway after stealing a motorcycle. Eyewitnesses say that the swarm of bees appeared seemingly out of nowhere, surrounding the thief and immobilizing him.

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The bees, described as unusually large and aggressive, then proceeded to form what onlookers could only describe as makeshift handcuffs around the suspect.

The perplexed thief, still surrounded by the bee “cuffs,” was led through the streets of Koboko to the Central Police Station. To add to the spectacle, a crowd of astonished onlookers followed, alerting everyone in their path about the unusual arrest.

Upon arriving at the police station, confusion ensued as officers grappled with the unexpected turn of events. The bee-bound suspect stood in the midst of a growing crowd, with both bystanders and law enforcement officers astonished at the unprecedented nature of the arrest.

Amidst the chaos, one police officer was overheard saying, “This has been arrested very well because no tear gas, no bullets were used.” The officer’s comment reflected the unique and non-violent nature of the apprehension, leaving the police force seemingly at a loss on how to handle the situation.

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Some police officers were observed picking up their phones, recording the bizarre scene as it unfolded. However, the Central Police Station in Koboko has yet to release an official statement regarding the incident, leaving the public eagerly awaiting an explanation for this extraordinary event.

Rumors have circulated that a female traditional healer in the area may have orchestrated the intervention of the bees as a form of mystical justice.

As the story continues to captivate the community, many are left wondering whether this will mark a new era of unconventional law enforcement in Koboko district or if it is simply an extraordinary one-time occurrence.

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