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Afformations: A New Twist On Positive Affirmations

AfformationsAffirmations are an important concept in the power of positive thinking. However, if you find that your affirmations are getting old or they’re not doing it for you, why not put a new twist on them? Afformations are just the answer!

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The best way to define afformations is to compare them with affirmations. Afformations just like affirmations, focus on the positive. The key difference however, is asking a positive question rather than using a statement.

We know that an affirmation is a positive phrase used in the present tense used to attain a goal. We take something that we’d like to be true in our lives and act as if we already have it. For example, “I have the perfect partner” or “I attract love into my life.” Have you ever found yourself questioning these statements in you mind? Maybe you had a reaction like “Yeah, right. Give me a break!”

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Well, rather than use a phrase that might cast doubt in your mind, an afformation encourages you to ask questions. Based on Noah St. John’s book The Secret Code of Success, an afformation is the formulation of a question to empower your mind. Rather than just stating something is true (as with an affirmation) and afformation asks why it is true. So for love and a perfect partner, you might ask “Why do I have the perfect partner?” and “Why do I attract love into my life?”

According to St. John, our minds appreciate questions and are eager to search for answers. He likens this process to an “automatic search function” in the brain. Whereas affirmations can end up becoming rote, afformations remain challenging. St. John would agree that sometimes it’s not the answers but the questions that make a difference.


We all know how powerful our thoughts can be. Isn’t that why many of us focus on affirmations? We hope that by repeating positive statements we will manifest our goals. And yes, many people have done this successfully. But for those of us who struggle with convincing our minds to believe, afformations can help us reframe our thoughts in a different way.

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When you use an afformation to ask questions, it puts a different spin on things. Asking why causes you to stop, think and be in the moment. So when you ask yourself “Why do I have the perfect partner?” you may come up with some surprising answers. You might say, “Because I deserve to have the perfect partner.”

When asking why you attract love in your life, it might be because you are lovable. This leads to further thoughts along the same line. You realize not only do you deserve a loving partner, but you are also attractive, warm, compassionate, ready to share your life and so on.

Before you know it your thoughts are taken on a whole new positive path. Your mind is less tempted to fight back with those sarcastic “yeah right” comments. Even though you might not have your perfect love partner just yet, you’re planting seeds. Your mind begins to rationalize that what you want is attainable.


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Having a basic understanding of afformations, how do we work with them? Just like with affirmations, the first step is to decide on what you want.

Once you have your goal ready, then you need to formulate a question that assumes you already have what you want. For example, if you want to be wealthy, ask why are you wealthy. Free your mind and let it come up with something. Use that “auto search” function in your brain!

The next step is to notice the answers to your question. Most likely they will be positive and they will continue to flow. These thoughts may lead to even more questions and positive thoughts. Keep going!

Finally, ask yourself these questions on a regular basis. Before you know it your mode of thinking will change and your actions will follow too. You will attract what you seek based on your thoughts and positive vibrations.

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As Noah St. John tells us, the Afformation Method is not necessarily about finding the answers, but asking the questions to help you positively manifest your desires.

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