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Past life memories

Accessing Past Life Memories

Past life memoriesFor people who not only believe in reincarnation but who want to know about their past lives, they can learn to access deep soul memories on their own.

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Many people believe in reincarnation regardless of religion or spiritual beliefs. However, there are some individuals who are skeptical about whether reincarnation happens or not. They may believe that once death occurs, the soul ends up in “heaven” or “purgatory” and that is the end.

Others hold different views. However, for individuals who not only believe in reincarnation but who are extremely curious about their past lives may be apt to explore methods to access past life memories.

Past Life Regression Through Other Sources

For those who want to find out about their past lives will either immediately go to a medium or astrologer who can read their past lives. Some will go to a hypnotherapist that can conduct a past life regression while the individual is in a trance state, or may try self hypnosis through instructional DVDs which are designed to help people access soul memories.

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It’s believed that children, up to the age of seven, can recall past life memories because their minds are not cluttered. However, as children age and engage themselves into the real world, it’s said that they will forget these memories.

Accessing Past Life Memories – Conducting a Past Life Regression on Your Own

Before running to an astrologer, psychic or hypnotherapist to do a past life reading, there are hints on how past life memories can be retrieved while being in a completely conscious state.

There is not always a need to go into a trance to gain deep soul memories. There is an exercise that can be done to help retrieve past life memories. The process is slow but if done consistently, some believe that past life memories will seep through.

Begin the process by writing down any phobias, talents, likes, dislikes, countries or cities that feel familiar for no apparent reason. For example, an individual may be naturally good at art, but that person has never taken a course in art. This person may have been born with that gift of art, but some people believe that individuals are born with natural skills for a reason.

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Those who believe in reincarnation may consider the possibility that the person who has a unique talent for art may have been an artist in a previous life; it’s believed that a skill from a past life can be carried into a person’s current incarnation.

Causes of Phobias Can be Traced Back Through Past Life Regression

If someone has an unusual phobia with no apparent cause, some believe that this may stem from a traumatic event that occurred in a previous life. It’s theorized that if phobias are not dealt with in a previous life, they will be carried over into the next incarnation.

Some people believe that every life experience — positive or negative — will be stored in the memory of the soul; soul memories are said to be responsible for one’s emotional response to environmental stimuli.

Using Meditation and a Journal to Record Past Life Memories

Once a list is created of likes, dislikes, fears, talents, familiar feelings to a certain place, etc, put the list away but at the same time, keep it nearby.

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A period with little stress is an ideal time to access past life memories. So during a quiet moment, retrieve the list and read it thoroughly. After reading the list, keep the eyes closed and meditate.

Reincarnation believers claim that performing this exercise repeatedly will elicit past life flashbacks, which non-believers generally attribute to an active imagination. Make note of whatever comes to mind during this exercise and record these thoughts in blank journal.

Over time, trends may emerge as past life memories are accessed, the ultimate goal is to discover the reason for a certain like, dislike, fear, etc. People of different faiths and spiritual beliefs have their own views.

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However, for people who not only believe in reincarnation but want to know about their past lives without having to spend money on readings and past life regression therapy sessions, can do so on their own. By making a list of fears, likes, dislikes, talents, etc. and finding quiet time to meditate, many interesting discoveries can occur.

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