Abduction Case of Dionisio Llanca, Kidnapped by Three Humanoid Aliens

The UFO phenomenon ranges from unexplained sightings to alien encounters and abduction experiences. The latter involves bizarre flashbacks and visions of otherworldly beings performing different actions on the abductee. When the victim is awake, it cannot recall a thing, but under hypnosis the situation drastically changes.

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According to various researchers, this is a widespread phenomenon and there may be hundreds of thousands of abductees all across the world. Although only only a small percent of these people have been examined closely, the bits of information gathered provide valuable insight into this phenomenon.

First abduction reports were recorded in the late nineteenth century, when unusual cases of healthy people with bizarre behavior started to emerge.

Probably the most renowned abduction case is that of Nome, Alaska, where 24 civilians mysteriously disappeared between the 60s and 2004.

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FBI homicide detectives who later tailed into the matter blamed the ‘Nome missing people incident’ as being due to “excessive alcohol and a harsh winter climate.”

However, there are other leads pointing at a possible alien abduction, hypothesis which was strongly supported by the 2009 movie “The Fourth Kind.”

We’re not going to focus our attention on this case though, but on another fascinating story from the 70s of a truck driver from Argentina allegedly abducted by three humanoid aliens.

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Dionisio Llanca was an experienced truck driver born in Ingeniero Jacobacci, Rio Negro, Argentina. On 27 October 1973, he got out of bed unaware of the events that were about to unfold that day. After he had dinner with his uncle Enrique Ruiz, he got into his Dodge 600 truck that was fully loaded with construction materials ready to be delivered to Rio Gallegos.

He left the house at about 12:30 AM on Sunday night, and because of the skills developed during his 12 years career as a driver, he noticed that something was wrong at the right rear tire of the vehicle, but decided to leave the problem for later. He then carried on with his nocturnal journey.

On the way to Rio Gallegos, the tire got really low under the pressure of the heavy load and there was nothing that Dionisio could do to fix it.

He got out of the truck in the blinding darkness and engaged in an attempted to fix the vehicle on his own. It was about 01:15 AM when he started replacing the tires alone on a desolate road.

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“I braked the truck on the shoulder, got down, took out the jack and the tools and began to change the tire. The road was completely deserted. All at once the road was illuminated with an intense yellow light that seemed to be about 2,000 meters distant.

“Because of the color I thought that they might be the headlights of a Pugeot and continued with my work. A few seconds passed and I had my shoulder to the light but it became so bright that it lighted the whole area.

“Now the light had changed to a bluish color similar to an electric arc welder. I tried to get up but could not rise; I had no strength, and a strange thing – – my legs would not respond.

“I was on my knees. I wanted to get up and look towards the woods that grew along one side of the road.

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“Then I saw a great thing in the form of a plate suspended in the air at some seven meters altitude, and three persons at my shoulders looking at me. I tried once more to get up but could not. The paralysis became total and I could not even talk.”

“The three beings stood looking at me for a long time, perhaps five minutes. They were two men and a woman. The woman was between the two men. I believed it was a woman because of the form of the breast and the long hair, blonde, reaching to the middle of her.

“The men were also blond with shorter hair in back. The three were about the same height, one meter and 70 or 75 centimeters, and dressed in the same manner: single piece smoky gray coverall suits well fitted to the figure, yellow boots and long gloves reaching to the middle of the arm of the same color. They had no belts, nor weapons, nor helmets nor anything else.

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“Their faces were like ours except for high foreheads and elongated eyes, like the Japanese and a little tilted. They talked among themselves in a language impossible for me to understand. They had no vocal inflections but sounded like a radio badly tuned with chirps and buzzes.

“One of them grabbed me by the neck of my sweater and lifted me firmly but without violence. I tried to talk but my voice would not come out. While the one held me up another put an apparatus in the base of my index finger on the left hand.

“They looked closely at the apparatus. It was like a razor but had a small tube. They applied it to me for several seconds. It did not hurt. When they left I had two drops of blood on my finger, then I passed out.”

It was about 3 AM that Sunday when Dionisio woke up between two cars in the backyard of the Sociedad Rural Bahia Blanca, approximately 9 kilometers from where he met the strange humanoids. He had temporary amnesia an was unable to remember any aspects related to his recent experience. Dazzled, the man started walking across the road, but he soon grew week and fainted away.

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After Dionisio opened his eyes a second time, he started following route 3 disoriented until a driver pulled over and picked him up, for he was in danger of getting killed along that road. He ended up in a local police station, and was afterwards forwarded to the Hospital Espanol because the police believed he was intoxicated.

Doctor Ricardo Smirnoff from the Hospital Espanol diagnosed Dionisio as it follows:

“The subject has no visible injuries, but refuses to be touched on the head as if he is having a profound ailment located there. There is also a barely unnoticed abrasion on his left eyelid.”

Dionisio’s memory wasn’t coming back, and he was periodically crying and asking in what city he was, until the hospital staff decided to transfer him to the Hospital Municipal. It was on October 30, at 10 AM when the man woke up in another hospital bed with his memory fully recovered.

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First thing he did was search for a cigarette and check the time, but seemed to be missing except for his 150,000 pesos. Although he now had memory of the entire alien encounter, he seed more worried about his truck rather than what happened. Fortunately, the police informed him they found his vehicle parked on a roadside in Villa Bordeu, approximately 18 kilometers from the city of Bahia Blanca.

Dionisio Llanca Remembers Everything

After Dionisio woke up in the Hospital municipal of Bahia Blanca on October 30, he was more concerned about his belongings than the event that had him as a protagonist. However, after he discovered that everything was in place, he agreed to submit to pentothal, or ‘the truth serum,’ to find out what really happened to him. After the tests were performed, Dionisio was released from the hospital and went straight to his uncle’s house on Chubut’s street.

When he tried to rest, he couldn’t fall asleep due to the strange nightmares he was experiencing. After this turned into a persistent problem, Dionisio rushed to see psychiatrist Eduardo Mata hoping to find a cure for his disorder.

The medic had then gathered a group of experts to tend to Dionisio’s needs, and several tests were performed on him. First results had the abductee draw a peculiar sketch of the humanoid occupants of the flying device.

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The team of doctors expressed their excitement after their initial success, and further completed an electrocardiogram on the man. He was then sent home to rest and was about to return on November 6 to discuss the results.

But Dionisio didn’t show up at the appointed date, so doctors had to pay him a visit at his uncle’s hous in order to carry on with their analysis. The team of experts was buided by Eduardo Mata and Eladio Santos.

When they reached Dionisio, he had already eaten and pentothal couldn’t be administered until after two successive hypnosis sessions. The third session had been performed under the effect of pentothal and everything that Dionisio unveiled was recorded on tape:

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“I go up with the two men by a beam of light. The floor is like lead, silver, there is only one window, round. It looks like a ship. There are many devices, many, two televisions (I suppose he meant screens), a radio. In one of the TV you can see the stars.

“A radio speaks to me in Spanish and tells me not to be afraid, that they are friends, that they have been coming for a long time. They did not say where they came from because it was a secret for them.

“They said they had spoken with other men from Earth since the year 1950. They want to know if we can live on earth with them. Your planet is bound to suffer very grave catastrophes if your behavior continues as it is at present.

“On top of the table there is a lighter, along with a watch and a pack of cigarettes. The woman gets a black glove, with thumbtacks on the palm, approaches to me, touches me, I slowly fall into a paddock by a beam of light. They told me they would come back and get me because I’m a good boy. I feel cold. I start walking…Who am I?, Who am I?”

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Hypnotized, the man spoke about how the three humanoid aliens approached the truck and extracted a small portion of skin from his index finger using a device resembling a razor. Aftwards he was veiled in a yellowish beam of light and was vacuumed inside the spaceship.

Once inside, he was that the blonde woman had various instruments that he identified as medical and surgical equipment. One of the men suspected by Dionisio to be the pilot was standing in front of the control board and held in one hand a device depicted as a joystick.

The other blonde humanoid was staring at the sky through a hardened glass panel, and the image was projected on a series of monitors laid out to the left of Dionisio.

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At this point, a door malfuncioned and several cables went loose from the cockpit and landed on a high voltage power-line located in the vicinity of the craft. After she was done arranging the bizarre instruments, the blonde humanoid put on a black glove with suction valves in the palm and made an incision on Dionisio’s right parietal.

Without any warning, the alien woman punched him in the left eyebrow, causing him a bruise that would stand as evidence supporting Dionisio’s claims. After the alien trio finished analyzing his head, they cleaned and anesthetize the wound before disposing of the truck driver on the nearby road where he was later found in dismay and without any memory.

The case caught the attention of the notorious Argentinian UFO researcher Fabio Zerpa, who further led a team of investigators to match the dots painted by Dionisio. Their inquiry concluded that an energy pylon had been indeed deteriorated.

Furthermore, after discussing with the personnel of the affected company, they could confirm that on the Sunday of October 28, 1973, between 2:00 AM and 3:00 AM, there was an unexplained increase in electricity consumption, linking this official report to that of Dionisio Llanca.

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Fabio Zarpa eventually published a book –El Reino Subterráneo- in which he discussess the above events and other evidence proving the story of Dionisio is authentic despite all doubts.

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