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Alien abduction

Abduction by Aliens: The Most Terrifying Unexplainable Experience

Alien abductionAlso known as “abduction phenomenon”, the term “alien abduction” is used to describe the paranormal experience of being taken against one’s will and subjected to some kind of physical examination by what could only be described as extraterrestrials, or beings not of this earth.

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These experiences are subjectively real to those who experience them, although no scientific data exists that would support any of these claims. While many people who experience alien abduction, referred to as “abductees”, usually describe the experience as negative, there are those who report the experience as being positively transformative.

Claims that seem to appear most frequent among abductees are that they were subjected to examinations with emphasis on their genatalia, while others claim to have been warned by their abductors against the dangers of environmental abuses and nuclear weapons.

What makes claims of alien abduction so believable are the types of people who often report having the experience. In studies of alien abductees conducted in the early 1990s, Dr. John Mack interviewed several hundred individuals who claimed to have been abducted by extraterrestrials.

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In an interview with the Harvard University Gazette, Dr. Mack was reported to have been struck by how seemingly ordinary most of his subjects were. They represented several different occupations, from college students to university administrators and from homemakers to prison guards, his subjects represented individuals from all walks of life and from nearly every fold of society.

Dr. Mack reported a strong majority of those whom he interviewed did not seem to be lying, deluded, or suffering from some kind of mental illness and overwhelmingly seemed to believe wholeheartedly that they had experienced something as real as any other experience they had ever lived through.

The first case of abduction phenomenon to receive widespread attention was the abduction of Antonio Villas Boas, which occurred in 1957. Boas was a 23 year old farmer in Brazil when he reported that he had been abducted.

According to his account, Boas was working in his field at night (to avoid the heat of the daytime sun) when he saw a a red star approach him from the sky until it was close enough for him to see that it was a circular type of aircraft.

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He claimed that the craft landed on his field and, when it did, he attempted to flee the scene. Boas didn’t get far, he claimed, before he was seized by a being of five feet tall with small blue eyes who spoke in barks and yelps that were not in any tongue he could recognize. Three more beings that appeared like the first helped to subdue Boas before dragging him into their craft.

Once inside, Boas claimed to have been stripped naked, covered entirely in a gel that he didn’t recognize, and led into a room with unrecognizable red symbols over it. While in his room, his captors retrieved blood samples from his chin before the room was pumped with gas, causing the abductee to become violently ill.

After being exposed to the gas, Boas claimed to have been joined in his room by a being that appeared similar to his original captors but was noticeably female with a pointed chin and blue, cat-like eyes. She appeared naked and Boas reported that while her hair was platinum blonde, her pubic hair and the hair under her arms was red.

Alien abduction

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What Boas reports to have happened next is particularly unnerving. He reported that he was attracted to the female humanoid and that the two had intercourse; after which, the humanoid rubbed her belly and pointed and gestured up, an act which Boas reported to have understood as meaning that the female humanoid would be raising their recently conceived child in space. In effect, it would appear that Boas was used as a stud only used strictly for reproduction.

After having sex with the female humanoid, Boas claimed to have been given back his clothes and taken on a tour of the spacecraft before being escorted off the ship to discover later that four hours had passed. Antonio Boas would go on to become an attorney with a wife and four kids. He died in 1992 and never changed his story about his experience.

In one study in which 50 abductees were interviewed, abductions were described as a “young person’s” experience. This idea was inferred because all four of the 50 abductees researched for the study who were over the age of 40 reported being “rejected” by their captors for medical reasons.

Researchers would later state that they believed the reason for their rejection was that people over often lack hormonal activity that would encourage reproduction. This theory was reinforced by the claim of one man who said he was rejected by his extraterrestrial captors for experimentation because he had had a vasectomy.

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The experiences of abductees are generally believed to follow a certain pattern. Although not always the case, most reports of abductions appear to include the following phases:

Phase 1: The abduction, in which the person is forcibly taken to an alien spacecraft.

Phase 2: Examination, in which procedures and tests are performed, training, or sexual intercourse, like Boas claimed.

Phase 3: Conference, in which captors communicate with the abductee or direct them to interact with others.

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Phase 4: The tour; a phase of the process that is often disputed, but includes a tour of the space vessel when it does occur in a person’s report of an abduction.

Phase 5: Loss of time, in which an abductee will report not being able to remember all of their abduction out of fear and/or medical intervention of the extraterrestrials (forced memory loss).

Phase 6: Return, in which the abductee is returned to earth; sometimes in a different location than where they were abducted from and sometimes showing up with new injuries and/or disheveled clothing.

Phase 7: Theophany; a profound sense of having had a mystical or spiritual experience and feelings of a new found oneness or connection with the universe, God, or their captors.

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Phase 8: Aftermath, in which the abductee copes with their experience and the psychological, physical, and social effects.

According to reports, the entire experience that involves extraterrestrials is entirely orchestrated. The captors are highly organized and efficient in their operation; there is no standing around or debating on what steps to complete.

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