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A way to travel through time and space will be discovered

WormholeFor a long time, experts have been trying to solve the riddle of wormholes – some kind of bridges connecting different points in space-time.

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According to a number of experts, it will be possible to detect wormholes in the near future. Einstein’s equation includes both them and black holes discovered not so long ago. The equation describes the curvature of the spacetime structure due to strong gravity.

The theory states that the fabric of space-time tends to bend and join. Such interactions are capable of creating a bridge between multiple universes. This bridge is called a wormhole.

Not all wormholes allow passage through them, as they are too small. Astronomers believe it is worth looking for them in the central regions of galaxies. Telescopes should be able to see gamma rays, which are distinctive from black holes.

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The problem lies not only in finding wormholes, but also in the high temperature in the center of galaxies. But if people find a way to use these wormholes, it will be a new era for all mankind.

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