A ‘Vintage-UFO’ flew over a Polish village: a local resident managed to capture it

A resident of one of the Polish villages some time ago noticed an incomprehensible object that flew so low above the forest that it touched the branches. He was able to take some photographs before the object disappeared from view.

Recently, these images came to the ufologist Philip Mantle. He is sure that the photographs are genuine and a real object is visible on them.

In the pictures there is a strange object that flies low over a wooded area. Moreover, the object has a different position on all published photos, which is confirmed by the fact that it was shot during movement.

Mantle added that the photo was taken by a resident of Poland, who did not consider it necessary to introduce himself. He cycled past a forest near the village of Jastrowo, which is located near Warsaw.

Suddenly, a man heard a strange sound and saw a “spinning object” flying in the sky. The rustling arose when the UFO touched the branches of trees.

The UFO did not resemble a drone or some other flying mechanism known to mankind. The man felt that it was necessary to transfer the pictures to ufologists. He sent them to Robert Barnatovich, and he soon transferred them to Philip Mantle.

Pictures were repeatedly and carefully checked for the presence of Photoshop, but nothing of the kind was found. When analyzing the images, various factors were taken into account that could somehow give out a fake, but everything looks really authentic.

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