Researcher believes he discovered a huge UFO near the Sun

Renowned ufologist Scott Waring has once again attracted attention with his exciting discovery. This time, he announced that he had identified an unidentified flying object (UFO) in the immediate vicinity of our star.

Waring referred to his discovery as the “outline” of a UFO against the backdrop of the Sun. According to him, the structure can be seen in a video provided by the European Space Agency (ESA).

In the video (see below), the UFO is compared to the size of the Earth, revealing that it is even larger than the Moon.

ESA confirmed that the video depicts the region of the Sun’s south pole in high detail.

Waring claims that, although the UFO is concealed from direct observation, sunlight reflects off its edges, allowing the determination of the location, size, and shape of the object.


The UFO remains stationary, without moving, and its size is comparable to that of the Moon.

The ufologist noted that this is not the first time he has observed this object near the Sun.

According to him, UFOs have been present in the area for more than 15 years, which, in his opinion, suggests that these objects are flying toward the Sun. Waring proposes that UFOs are approaching our star to obtain rare energetic particles needed to power their advanced technology.

Waring believes his discovery provides clear evidence of the existence of UFOs and their connection to the Sun. The ufologist continues to make observations and provide new materials about mysterious phenomena in space.

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