A triangular UFO was spotted in an old NASA image

The famous ufologist Scott Waring reported about an unusual object in low-earth orbit, which in 1986 fell into the lens of the NASA camera.

The ufologist is sure that a triangular unidentified flying object (UFO) was recorded in the NASA image, which got into the lens of the STS61C mission camera of the NASA “Space Shuttle” program.

This mission, in which 7 astronauts took part, was carried out from January 12 to 18 in 1986.

According to the researcher, one of the astronauts probably could have witnessed this unusual phenomenon.

Waring draws the attention of readers of his blog to the gigantic size of an unknown craft, which has no visible wings, solar panels or engines.

According to the ufologist, this suggests that representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations have long been observing NASA space missions, being in close proximity.

The strange thing about all this is that the aliens did not even try to hide their presence. It is possible that the astronauts were aware of what was happening, but it was forbidden to talk about it.

It is possible that the current disclosure of information about UFO sightings may prompt NASA scientists to comment on such a picturesque frame with an unidentified object.

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Jake Carter

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