A triangular UFO was captured in the sky over Canada

A couple who were walking at sunset in Ontario, Canada received convincing footage of a “triangular UFO” believed by conspiracy theorists to be the legendary Tr-3B aircraft.

In Ontario, a couple was walking before sunset when they spotted a black triangle with white lights and a big red light in the middle.

In the video, the man can be heard saying, “It doesn’t look like a plane from here. It looks like a triangle.”

To which his wife replies, “It’s a triangle with a red light in the middle.”

The Tr-3B is a legendary aircraft that UFO researchers believe is the very first spacecraft with alien technology secretly built by the military.

One user said: “This is a really high-quality UFO video! You can see its clear shape with all the lights. Great footage, we need more of them.”

There is little evidence to support the TR-3’s existence, however it is possible that black triangle UFO reports associated with Black Manta could be a technology demonstrator for a potential new-generation tactical reconnaissance aircraft, and/or that TR-3 refers to a Technical Refresh of an existing programme.

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