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A strange UFO with a spinning “fire portal” flew over Cuba

This video (see below) was captured by an unidentified individual in the municipality of Cerro, Havana, Cuba, in 2019. However, it only gained attention recently when Cuban journalist Juan Manuel Cao uploaded it to his YouTube channel.

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The majority of the video is out of focus, displaying a blurry “fiery” point in the sky that appears to be connected to something, moving in uniform circular motions.

Only when the operator finally adjusts the focus does an extremely peculiar flying object become visible. It has a “U” or boomerang shape, with a glowing orange light and spinning “engine” underneath.

The object does not resemble typical drones or conventional UFO shapes.

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Juan Manuel Cao describes it as the most UFO-like phenomenon he has witnessed, emphasizing that it is clearly visible, not just a small dot in the sky.

Cao consulted with former US intelligence officer Colonel Octavio Pérez, who suggested that this flying object may utilize an anti-gravity system. Pérez believes it could be an extraterrestrial reconnaissance aircraft.

Juan Manuel Cao (left) and Octavio Perez (right)

The video gained significant attention and was widely shared on social media platforms, with many viewers considering it to be genuine.

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Some netizens speculated about the involvement of US warships using alien technology, while others praised the video for providing one of the clearest images of a UFO they have ever seen.

Many individuals were fascinated by the distinctive design of the UFO, noting that it deviates from the usual perceptions of such objects.

“These US warships using alien technology. And they are everywhere,” wrote one.

“At first it looks blurry, but then the object becomes very clear. And this is one of the best images of a UFO that I have ever seen,” said another.

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