A strange object like a Transformer is detected in the Moon crater


Transformers on the moonA very unusual object was spotted in a crater in a new image of the surface of the Moon from NASA. The picture was taken on January 2, 2019.

A completely incomprehensible object is found between the crater Von Karman and the craters Davvison in a small round crater without a name. The object seems so artificial that he will immediately remind many people of a robot from Transformers movie.

The object is very bright. It looks like it’s really made of metal.

Strange object on the Moon
Strange object on the Moon

It also casts a shadow, that is, it really stands on the bottom of the crater and is not a game of light refraction.

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What it is? Some building, extraterrestrials spaceship or something else?

The original in very high resolution can be seen here.