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A red-level magnetic storm will cover the Earth – scientists warn of danger

Solar activity is observed with solar flares leading to predicted red level magnetic storms in the coming days. These storms can affect human health, causing illness and electrical problems, reports Meteoagent.

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According to data from NOAA, TESIS satellite systems and international meteorological laboratories, a powerful magnetic storm is expected on September 21 and 22. On September 21, the storm level will reach a K-index of 6, and on September 22, a K-index of 7, which are considered red level indicators.

On September 23, the storm’s activity will begin to decrease, although it will still be at K-index 4, indicating the presence of a moderate magnetic storm.

Despite the fact that scientists’ opinions on the impact of magnetic storms on human health vary, it is on such days that people more often complain of headaches, general malaise, poor concentration, fatigue and problems with their mental state.

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Also, during magnetic storms, the number of calls to medical specialists, especially cardiologists, increases.

Doctors recommend the following precautions these days:

– Ensure adequate sleep – at least 7-9 hours a day.
– Keep a regular daily routine.
– Eat nutritious foods and maintain proper drinking habits.
– Go for walks in the fresh air, trying not to overexert yourself physically and emotionally.

If you feel unwell or have an exacerbation of chronic diseases, get more rest and, if necessary, consult your doctor.

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