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Energy nuclear

A powerful unknown source of radiation discovered under Antarctica

Energy nuclearAmerican and Australian scientists conducted research in Antarctica and discovered an unknown source of radiation, the area of which exceeds tens of kilometers. This source was discovered quite by accident last year.

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It immediately attracted the attention of researchers, because this discovery has a huge number of oddities. The most fundamental oddity was the incredible power of radiation.

Experts say that the radiation is so strong that it seems that someone blew up a nuclear reactor under the ice. Also, scientists were interested in another question, which relates to the depth, as well as the area of the radiation zone.

Eric Stolz, who is a member of the expedition, says that such a radiation power can only be compared with the explosion at Fukushima. Experts plan to start the expedition in early December.

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Its duration will be approximately three months. Scientists are going to make a deep well, to place all the necessary equipment in it. Samples will be taken not only of the soil, but also of radioactive water.

Specialists from the PolarGAP project, using radar observations, discovered a radiation source in Antarctica in 2018. It hides under a huge amount of snow and ice. Using a radar, it was possible to explore the depth of up to three kilometers.

Further, all the data obtained were studied, which showed that under the glacier there may be something that, with the help of nuclear energy, heats the ice and drowns it. Scientists still can not say what it is, therefore, an expedition is planned.

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