A Possible Ghost Caught on Camera During a Live TV Show

An unexpected guest may have crashed a live TV show in Argentina that features weather phenomena from around the globe, reports coasttocoastam.com.

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The show, called Fenómenos, aired last Friday and included a segment where co-host Matias Bertolotti gave a weather update for the weekend using a live feed from a camera overlooking a boardwalk in the city of Corrientes.

However, what the hosts and the viewers did not realize at first was that the camera also captured something that looked like a ghostly apparition.

The mysterious footage, which soon went viral on social media, shows a translucent figure that seems to run along the boardwalk and then vanish into thin air.

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The figure appears to have only part of its body visible, while the rest is transparent.

The hosts of the show were stunned when they learned about the strange sighting during the broadcast and replayed the clip for their audience.

“Look what happened live,” exclaimed co-host José Bianco as they watched the scene.

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“He’s a person who runs and disappears. He doesn’t have legs,” commented a puzzled Bertolotti, who assured viewers that the footage was not manipulated in any way.

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