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Haunted road

A new survey revealed that many of the Londoners saw a “road ghost”

Haunted roadA new survey revealed the surprising number of British motorists who believe they may have seen a ghost, reports

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The survey, conducted by a car leasing company, focused on car drivers across the British Isles who had encountered a ghost while driving on the roads of the country

About 13 percent of respondents across the UK as a whole said they saw something supernatural while driving, breaking down to 15 percent of men and 11 percent of women.

Remarkably, with 36 percent of respondents reporting a road-based paranormal sighting the Greater London area seemed to have the highest number of cases.

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In Scotland, the figure was 15 percent, while it was 14 percent in North-West England. Nearly 36 percent of all those surveyed said they believed ghosts existed.

“If you analyze some of the UK’s most famous eyewitness reports, there are some really common road ghost tropes,” said James O’Malley of Select Car Leasing.

“One involves drivers who believe they’ve accidentally collided with a pedestrian, only for the mysterious ‘casualty’ never to be found, having seemingly disappeared into thin air.”

“Others involve the dreaded ‘phantom hitchhikers’ – who thumb a lift only to disappear without trace from the backseat of the startled motorist’s car.”

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