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A new high-quality photo of Bigfoot has appeared on the Internet

The theory of the existence of Bigfoot haunts many enthusiasts who are constantly looking for facts to confirm their conjectures.

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Recently, photos have appeared on the Internet that have revived interest in the subject of the existence of Bigfoot.

The pictures appeared on the Bigfoot Believers community page on the Facebook social network. They show how a certain creature wanders between the trees.

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The original poster explained that, after the images were captured, the creature “doubled back and ripped [a] trail cam off [a] tree” which “was found about 100 yards away”.

One way or another, the photographs that appeared led to a serious dispute. Some users were sure that a bigfoot really got into the camera lens.

They came to this conclusion because of the too long limbs, which, in their opinion, not a single animal that lives in these forests can boast of.

Others disagreed with this point of view. Some commentators noted that the creature photographed is very similar to a thin bear, wandering on high paws through the forest.

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In fairness, it should be noted that the third group of commentators considered that the photo was of a gorilla. However, there were very few supporters of this theory.

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