A minute after the Big Bang, an unknown “push” created dark matter

Scientists have put forward another theory regarding dark matter, which suggests that it could arise due to a violation of universal symmetry, reports Live Science.

As a result of the imbalance that arose, a huge amount of matter was formed and there was much more of it than antimatter.

Accordingly, this could provoke the emergence of dark matter, which cannot interact with light, but at the same time has gravity. It is worth noting that scientists still do not know what dark matter is, but they are confident that it really exists.

In the new study, experts take into account a certain symmetry of the baryon number. Its peculiarity is that the baryon number will always remain the same. This symmetry is present in absolutely all experiments of scientists, but, most likely, its violation occurred in early space.

The study authors added that something unknown happened immediately after the Big Bang. It could be some incredibly powerful “push”.

At the same time, the duration of the event was minimal, but this time was enough to almost completely destroy the antimatter. After a maximum of a minute, symmetry was again present in the universe.

Why this “push” appeared and who created it remains a mystery.

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