A man who has lived in a cave for decades only recently learned of the pandemic

One of the residents of Serbia, who has already turned 70 years old, only recently learned about the coronavirus pandemic.

The man has lived for 20 years in a small cave, which is located far from other settlements and is located on the top of a huge hill. He learned the news about Covid-19 in a nearby store, which he rarely visits. Teller Report informs about it.

Panta Petrovich said that he has been living in a cave for 20 years and tries to avoid people. He noted that he did not feel free in the city, so he decided that civilization was not for him.

The Serb also advises everyone to get vaccinated against the coronavirus and adds that the disease does not choose anyone. It spreads quickly and his cave will be no exception, so Panta wants to receive two doses of the vaccine, including an additional one.

Panta left for the mountains long ago. He gave almost all of his property and money to the local community. Since that time, he has rarely appeared in Pirot, which is nearby.

Only 40 thousand people live in the hometown of Petrovich. 7 thousand residents of Serbia have died due to the coronavirus, and in total, almost 750 thousand people have been infected throughout the country.

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