A man discovered a possible UFO landing site in the forest

A resident of Plymouth, England, Ben Landricomb on Monday June 13 was in a tourist camp near the village of Meddon, near Bideford, County Devon. At some point, he decided to go for a walk in the forest with his dog.

Around 4:00 p.m. Ben came across a very strange place in the forest littered with tree trunks, as if they had bent to the ground, and then some very powerful force broke them.

The strangest thing was when Ben discovered that the tops of many trees had been broken off. Then he thought that maybe a UFO made an unplanned landing at this place.

Moreover, when Ben started filming this place on his phone, he felt as if someone was looking at him, and then he heard very strange sounds, as if some creature screamed loudly.

This was enough for Ben and his dog to run away from this place, trying to quickly return to their tourist camp.

According to Ben, it was a very eerie place and it became even more scary when he heard loud noises that sounded like screams.

“Something definitely fell here, look at it. BOOM! Now there’s a massive gap in the forest, all the trees are bent, the trees are felled, this is a huge hole in the forest. Aliens,” Ben says in the video.

At the moment, the local city council is trying to understand what exactly Ben discovered in the forest.

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